ITUK Jiffy Greenhalgh Bakery 12.22 B

Catering vehicle manufacturer Jiffy Trucks has supplied its 2ooth Isuzu Banquet Truck, just four years after introducing the model to its product range.

The 200th truck was part of an order for three Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet trucks recently delivered to north-west bakery Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery, which employs 500 staff and operates 50 retail shops. The Bolton-based bakery runs a fleet of eight catering vans in total, including these latest Isuzu additions.

Craft Bakery’s outdoor catering truck fleet work on daily delivery routes around the Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn and Chorley areas of West Lancashire, providing hot and cold food for a range of retail and individual customers. The three Isuzu from Jiffy trucks are the first to join its fleet.

The three Jiffy Banquet N35.125 trucks feature Isuzu’s Easyshift 6-speed fully automatic gearbox. The Jiffy catering body has an Eberspacher-powered keeping oven, and a deep soup urn, alongside a GAH powered refrigeration system, enabling Greenhalgh’s to display and sell hot and cold foods.

West Yorkshire-based Jiffy Trucks launched the Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet in 2018 - the first ever Isuzu truck to be supplied by the business, as part of a new partnership between the two companies.

Commenting on the milestone, John Briggs, MD, Jiffy Trucks said: “Historically, the 3.5 tonne truck was always the most popular selling vehicle in our product range as it enabled customers to have the opportunity for a much larger body for display.

“We were really excited when we first teamed up with Isuzu Truck and we have not looked back since the very first sale.

"Greenhalgh’s received our 200th Banquet truck and we have orders in the pipeline now well into 2023 that will take total sales of this particular model to over 220, which is a phenomenal achievement in such a short time, bearing in mind that this time period covered the global pandemic with all its difficulties.”

Briggs added: “Without doubt, the Isuzu Grafter is the best chassis we’ve ever built on and Isuzu Truck UK has been by far the best truck manufacturer that we have ever worked with.

“They have a very hands-on approach to dealing with us whether it be sales, after-sales homologation or deliveries. From the managing director to all staff members, Isuzu are a breath of fresh air and this is also the feedback that I’m getting from our customers too.

Sarah Goulding of Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery, added: “The new Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquets have made a tremendous impression with our customers.

“Not only does the stylish head-turning modern appearance of the trucks create a favourable impression when they arrive on location, but the wider range of products being displayed has also led to a significant increase in business levels on each route. At the same time, the drivers really enjoy the manoeuvrability of the Grafter as well as the ease of driving with the automatic transmission.”

Jon Corcoran, senior fleet sales manager at Isuzu Truck (UK), said: “The partnership between Isuzu Truck UK and Jiffy Trucks has been a tremendous success story from day one, and long may it continue.

“The combination of the Isuzu Grafter 3.5 tonne chassis with the Jiffy catering body has now become the ‘go-to’ vehicle for hot and cold food catering and delivery companies such as Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery, providing them with a proven reliable long-term delivery truck.”