Iveco and the Transport Association (TA) have launched a fundraising campaign for Transaid using three specially livered New Stralis XP tractors. 

The three demonstrator vehicles will help raise thousands of pounds as members of the TA donate £250 per fortnight for use of one of the trucks.

Elddis Transport was the first member to welcome one of the Stralis XPs on to their fleet in April.

The three trucks, all of which have the ZF Traxon 12-speed HI-TRONIX transmission as well as newly re-engineered Cursor engines, will each operate in different areas of the country covering Scotland and Ireland, the North and the Midlands, and the South East and South West, giving the 60 members of the TA a chance to join the fundraising.

“Transaid is an organisation very close to our hearts,” said Lisa Fuller, Iveco brand marketing and communications manager. “We wanted to do something special to raise funds for their life-saving work in Africa. The reaction from Transport Association members has been fantastic,” Fuller added.

Together the Transport Association and Iveco hope to raise £90,000 for international development organisation Transaid.

New features on the XP, including Iveco’s predictive GPS-based Hi-Cruise system, are said to generate fuel savings of up to 11%, so to track the fundraising truck’s fuel saving abilities, members will get a detailed breakdown of its performance.

"The Transport Association is working with Iveco this year," explained Elddis Transport MD Nigel Cook. "I am the current TA chairman, and Iveco wanted to get members of the Transport Association to try their new XP truck.

"It seemed a good opportunity to use this to raise money for Transaid. We had the demo for the first 2 weeks of the project and will also take it for the last 2 weeks."