A zero-emission range-extended (ZERE) light commercial vehicle is being showcased today at the LCV 2015 event in Millbrook.

The prototype features a fuel cell providing range extension capability to a factory-fitted battery electric driveline.

It marks the first stage in a UK consortium project, led by Intelligent Energy, to develop a new class of range-extended commercial vehicles.

Partners in the project include Millbrook Proving Ground, Frost Electronics, Cenex, British Gas and DHL.

The ZERE van demonstrates how fuel cell technology used for range extension can help overcome the disadvantages of poor range and long recharging times inherent in many battery electric vehicles.

Taking advantage of direct input from fleet operators, the consortium will investigate the most effective routes to market for the technology, including the possibilities at manufacturing stage and via retro-fitment.

The project is backed by funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre, which was launched in 2013 between the government and the Automotive Council.