Most drivers want funds raised through the HGV levy to be reinvested into truck stop facilities, according to a survey.

Following the reintroduction of the levy in the summer, a poll carried out by digital marketplace SNAP found drivers are unsure where the money is going.

In addition, 75% of those surveyed said they wanted to see the money spent on lorry parks - from better facilities and higher security measures to more stops available across the UK.

The HGV levy was rolled out again on 1 August with a new emphasis on emissions, weight and time spent in the country.

Rates vary from between £150 to £749 per vehicle, per year.

The department for transport (DfT) said it was aimed at making sure lorries made a contribution reflecting the wear and tear of the road network.

However, SNAP’s survey suggested many are unaware how the money is spent, with 17% calling for it to be used on road improvements.

A further 8% said they wanted funds to be used on drivers’ healthcare.

The figures differ from a report conducted by the RHA, which found its members wanted to see bridge strike signs paid for out of the levy.

In both circumstances, hauliers wanted to know where their money was going and how it would benefit them in the long run.

In September, the government said 39 roadside facility operators would each receive a share of £8m from the DfT and a further £11m from industry to significantly upgrade truck stops for lorry drivers.

The government’s share of the funding came from its HGV Parking and driver welfare grant scheme.

SNAP MD Matthew Bellamy said: “Funding from the HGV parking and driver welfare grant scheme is a welcome addition to the haulage industry and will improve driver welfare - something that needs to be a priority for everyone.

“However, it’s clear that drivers need additional safe and secure places to park. Many truck stops are at maximum capacity early in the evening, resulting in drivers parking in dangerous areas overnight.”