Liverpool-based Higson Edwards has expanded its fleet with two new Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks.

The 18-tonne, 1824 model and the Actros 2530 rated at 26 tonnes were delivered by eStar Truck & Van and increases the fleet to 14.

The company runs a fleet of nine 18-tonne trucks and five 26-tonners, which deliver its range of steel bar, rod, profile, plate and related products to customers across the North West.

Transport manager Seam Madden said: “These additions to our fleet became necessary as we continue to expand our sales area, to ensure we maintain our next day delivery service.

“Our Liverpool site works 24 hours a day so the vehicles are typically loaded overnight. Our consignments can be anywhere from a few hundred kilos to a full load, which means drivers could be making a single big delivery or a series of multiple drops.”