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Hauliers remain defiant in the face of soaring inflation and a recession with almost 9 in 10 (87%) confident in their ongoing commercial viability and 13% believing their business will thrive in the coming years.

According to the UK Haulage Resilience Report, conducted by return loads platform Haulage Exchange, whilst the majority of hauliers believe they will survive the economic downturn they are also preparing themselves for tougher economic times – with 80% agreeing that increasing costs of operations is the biggest risk they’re facing.

Almost half (47%) will continue to operate with streamlined profit margins to survive through tougher economic times, whilst a third (33%) are charging clients more to help cope with the rising operation costs.

Many see digital solutions as the key to beating supply chain roadblocks – 20% of haulage companies are increasing their reliance on the next generation of smart tech, such as route optimisation and intelligent load allocation, the report found.

Azad Awan, sales manager at Haulage Exchange, said: “The haulage industry has been through a lot in the last year or so, but that only means companies already know how to adapt and pivot their strategies and plans. And that’s what we’re seeing as more and more of them focus on digital solutions to ensure they can survive the increasing economic challenge.

“In haulage, time really is money, which is where tech can prove invaluable. Whether it’s smart invoicing or finding available drivers using real-time maps, shortcuts are multiplied countless times and add up to days and days saved.

“Technology is the long-term answer to industry challenges and will support commercial viability in the coming years. Having a positive longer-term vision is how the industry will thrive.”

The UK Haulage Resilience Report is based on feedback from 15 of the UK’s top haulage companies that operate in the UK and Europe.