Grundon Waste Management will introduce a new cycle safety campaign at the Wallingford Festival of Cycling this month.

The company has joined forces with the festival’s organisers and the RP Vision Racing Team to launch the campaign, which will oblige every ecyclist at the event to sit in the cab of a Grundon LGV and be tested on what they can and cannot see from the driver’s seat, before they register.

Cyclists and HGV drivers will also be asked to sign a pledge committing to good behaviour, safe cycling and safe driving.

The campaign is part of Grundon’s wider strategy to lower cycling accidents, which has seen the company spend more than £500,000 on cameras and audible warning systems across its 240-strong fleet.

It also runs a driver training programme which sees drivers sent out on bicycles to navigate busy city centre roads.

Andrew Short, Grundon’s estates director said: “We take cycle safety very seriously indeed, which is why we’ve committed to this campaign and why we spend so much time and effort on driver training and equipping our vehicles with the latest safety equipment.

“As a keen rider, I know sharing the road with an LGV can be very intimidating and we owe it to both fellow cyclists and our drivers to ensure they respect each other and display the best and safest behaviour at all times.

Event organiser Tony Sefton added: “Forward-thinking companies like Grundon are providing a lead in educating their drivers and investing in their fleet to keep cyclists safe.  We are delighted to work with them on promoting this joint initiative to make our roads safer.”

The festival will take place on 26 June.