Convenience food manufacturer Greencore said it had seen a 3.9% average improvement in mpg following a trial of Webfleet’s telematics and camera solution and was now rolling out the software across its fleet.

The company, which operates 136 lorries and 525 vans, supplies chilled, frozen and ambient foods and delivers almost 800 million sandwiches and 127 million ready meals a year to retail and food service customers in the UK.

Greencore trialled Webfleet Cam 50, which provides HD dashcam footage alongside fleet driving data and gives context to road incidents and driving events.

It said the telematics data showed that 2.65% of all fuel was being wasted due to idling, with 80% of all idling happening at the depots when drivers were running their vehicles for longer than necessary to reduce the temperature of their fridges.

Jeremy Fitton, head of logistics at Greencore, said Cam 50 continually monitored driver behaviour using algorithms and AI learning and it was helping to make fleet drivers safer and greener.

“In-cab cameras look out for signs of fatigue or dangerous habits behind the wheel, such as smoking, forgetting to use a seatbelt or mobile phone use,” he said.

“Instant warnings trigger the driver to take timely action to avoid danger, with persistent cases escalated for depot managers to address with driver coaching.”

The 3.9% improvement in mpg and 62% reduction in idling will deliver significant savings in fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Beverley Wise, Webfleet regional director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, said fleet management tools that used AI were having an increasingly powerful impact on driver safety: “This is another strong example of how Webfleet’s integration with complementary technologies can give fleet operators a fuller and more accurate picture of what is happening on the road,” she added.