Logistics UK is calling for the government to consider the needs of the logistics industry as it launched its so-called electric vehicle revolution yesterday (22 November).

The call comes after the government revealed plans to make it legally binding for electric vehicle charging points to be fitted in new build homes from next year and in all buildings undergoing major renovations.

Denise Beedell, Logistics UK public policy manager, welcomed the new regulations but warned that the UK needs “to see a faster and deeper acceleration of electric charging infrastructure across all sectors of the economy to speed up the decarbonisation of the logistics industry, in particular.

“With the government announcing a commitment to make it easier to pay for charging, Logistics UK is pressing them to introduce a centralised billing system for commercial operators which would make payment for businesses as seamless as possible.

“Logistics UK is also urging the government to grant exemptions to the new-build rule for certain sectors that often operate in remote areas off the electricity grid, such as mining and quarrying. Owing to the nature of their work, these businesses are also more likely to move their site locations regularly and use heavier vehicles over vans or cars, making the expense of installing electric charge points unreasonable, especially until suitable electric HGVs are available for mass market purchase.”