A consortium of businesses and academics are developing a hydrogen refuelling system for HGVs, which promises to be smaller and more cost effective than existing systems.

With government funding, the Hydrogen Prototype Equipment for Refuelling (HyPER) project will create a next-generation hydrogen flowmeter that will also be easier to manufacture and maintain than current options on the market.

The project aims to reduce the cost of hydrogen refuelling and enable the wide adoption of the sustainable gas by transport fleets.

The consortium is made up of Midlands-based flow measurement and device designer Hy-Met, Logan Energy and Warwick University’s academic department WMG.

Bill Ireland, CE of Logan Energy, said: “Using hydrogen to power lorries is one of the key steps towards helping Scotland and the UK tackle the climate emergency.

“Making the switch from burning diesel to using hydrogen will cut the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

“There are a number of advancements we need to take before hydrogen becomes commonplace on our roads and one of the crucial elements is making it cheap and easy to refuel.”