Gist for Impact

Gist has re-branded and restructured the European arm of its business, bringing several different operating companies and centres under one roof.

In 2005 Gist acquired G Van Dongen Holdings, a conglomerate of seven temperature-controlled operators based in the Netherlands and Spain, with a customer base including Flowerplus, Fritolay, Maersk, and Tetrapak.

Now, all seven businesses will run under the Gist banner from a central hub in Bleswijk, the Netherlands.

Chief executive  Martin Gwynn explained: “Traditionally these businesses have been running our horticulture business, channeling work through to the UK, and working with customers across Europe.

“It will now look as though we are running pretty much one business, predominantly managed by a Dutch management team. It is a more effective way of managing. We can gain better leverage with our volumes and launch them into our UK primary business,” he added.