Gefco 3

Gefco has signed an €8bn (£7.15bn) exclusivity deal with former parent company PSA Peugeot Citroën, which will see it manage the company’s entire global supply chain.

The five-year deal will commence on 1 January 2017. Gefco will be responsible for organising the automotive giant’s entire supply chain, from sourcing components for manufacturing to the distribution of finished vehicles and spare parts.

While the deal involves Gefco acting as a 4PL, organising the multi-modal supply chain, the firm remains PSA’s lead supplier in the UK.

Gefco told that the new deal was not a continuation of a former agreement that was in place between the two companies.

Many of the actions involved under the contract remain the same, but a spokesman for the firm said: What is changing is the implementation of a 4PL functioning in certain geographic areas.

"The PSA Group is also teaming up with Gefco to develop supply chain and manufacturing solutions for future projects, such as further geographic developments, to be carried out in collaboration with external partners or alone."

Luc Nadal, chairman of the Gefco managing board, said: “Gefco is proud to be chosen by the PSA Group as a trusted strategic partner. All of Gefco’s teams are actively committed to meeting our customers’ need for efficiency.”