Gasrec has opened a remote monitoring centre in Daventry to react to changes at its network of biomethane refuelling stations and resolve any potential safety issues.

The company said a team of control centre operators will analyse real-time data and monitor gas levels to prevent shortages and detect equipment faults and then respond accordingly.

Tony Robinson, Gasrec chief technical officer, said: “The safety and resilience of our operations is at the heart of everything we do.

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“Historically, this work has been incorporated into our operations and engineering team but the substantial growth of the business over the past two years has enabled us to take things to the next level.”

Centre operators will access and control CCTV footage at each Gasrec facility, allowing them to identify problems quickly, as well as providing assistance to drivers fuelling their vehicles.

“With the remote monitoring centre now in place – as well as quickly responding to defects, faults or breakdowns – we can also make sure our bulk deliveries are perfectly timed to replenish supplies, giving us increased confidence in our stock levels,” Robinson added.

Last month, BP acquired a 28.57% stake in Gasrec in a deal which also includes supplying the company with renewable biomethane from organic waste.