Olympic Stadium CGI

Transport for London (TfL) has released its Olympic Freight Journey Planner, to help operators navigate the disruption London 2012 will bring this summer.

The Pie Mapping developed planner calculates the most appropriate route for operators to take during the Games period based on the date and time of day and the vehicle’s dimensions.

Although free to all, the journey planner offers further functionality to members of TfL’s Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. This includes the ability to save your routes, chosen locations, and vehicle and driver details.

Later this month the planner will incorporate road event routes and the timings for the traffic management restrictions that will be in place around venues.

From July, live data will be fed into the planner every five minutes providing new routeing options based on the latest information on road traffic incidents, congestion levels and temporary road closures.

However, the Freight Journey Planner does not generate compliant Lorry Control Scheme routes, and for these, operators need to access the recently updated route approver.

Natalie Chapman, FTA head of policy for London, says: "London is going to be a very different place during the Games, even for drivers who know the city like the back of their hands.

"We at the FTA believe that the interactive Freight Journey Planner will be invaluable, not only during the Olympics, but equally important to the capital's road users after the event."

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