Chris Fenton MD, Industrial and Transport, Wincanton

Wincanton’s head of Industrial and Transport has called for an end to the piecemeal approach to clean air zone rules across the UK.

Speaking to, Chris Fenton, MD of a division with an annual turnover of more than £480m, said that while three-quarters of the group's 3,400 strong fleet was Euro-6 compliant, it remains “our desire to see consistency”.

“I’m concerned that we end up with different standards in different cities. That means you end up having to try and differentiate different bits of kit that can go into some areas and not others.

“My job is to react to legislation that gets put in place, however there are times where regulation should step in to create consistency,” Fenton said.

While Wincanton is not opposing the UK's emissions policy, the problem, according to Fenton, is how that policy is being implemented and the administration and planning difficulties it is creating.

“I would like to see a [single] standard and that standard to be common from one city to another,” he said, suggesting central government needs to take a tighter rein to ensure this happens rather than leaving it to individual local authorities to interrupt.

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It came as the RHA issued another warning about locally created safety standards regulating haulage.

The association reiterated its concerns about the growing trend of local authorities imposing their own regulations on the haulage sector, which it believes is putting many businesses at risk.

In its release, the RHA turned its fire on London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS), which has just entered its final consultation phase ahead of a proposed start date of autumn 2020.

“We fully support the drive to improve safety, but we need the right measures delivered in the right way.

“DVS and other locally devised policies such as clean air zone charging are a huge concern for an industry which needs and deserves cohesive regulation,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett.