Fors has published its membership subscription fees for 2017, lowering charges for smaller operations and freezing its other fees at last year's levels.

From 17 February, Fors will now apply a flat rate of £80 per vehicle for fleets with up to five vehicles.

Under 2016's structure those with two to three vehicles paid £180, while those with four to ten vehicles paid £420 (under 2017's revisions those with six to ten vehicles will pay £420).

Those with a single vehicle will pay £65 as they did a year ago, and the other subscription fee bands have been frozen right up to the top of the scale (those running 100 vehicles who pay £2,250).

Audit fees and silver and gold evidencing checks remain unchanged too.

All prices exclude VAT.

“What this shows,” said Fors director, John Hix, “is that Fors is very much in tune with the operating community and the demands it faces with the cost of running commercial vehicle fleets – whatever their size and make-up.

“We enjoyed a good deal of positive feedback at our Fors Members’ Conference,” he said, “and, quite rightly, operating costs, were uppermost in the minds of members.

"So, we wanted to make sure our fees are as keen as possible and we will remain receptive to member feedback,” he added.