Tom Towlands

Tom Rowlands has been recruited as MD of global EV solutions at Fleetcor.

In what is a newly created role, Rowlands (pictured) will take over operational responsibility for Fleetcor’s EV product solutions globally, with current activity focused on the UK, Western Europe, and North America.

Rowlands previously served as Fleetcor’s vice president of European strategy with a brief to drive the company’s EV strategy. This included building EV charging and management solutions, growing the charging network and playing a key role in the parent firm Allstar’s strategic investments in UK-based EV charging start-up Mina.

Allstar recently launched Homecharge, powered by Mina, which simplifies the payments and management of EV charging at home by providing complete transaction visibility through one platform.

Allstar also operates a multi-branded EV charging network with more than 7,000 charge points across more than 2,000 locations.

Rowlands said: “Having been so involved in helping Allstar build market-leading solutions for electric fleets, I am delighted to head up Fleetcor’s global EV solutions team and look forward to driving EV adoption for fleets, especially in the UK.”

He adds: “With government-mandated deadlines creeping ever closer, there must be the infrastructure and UK-wide strategy in place to be able to cope with a surge in demand, along with more robust back-end systems that can drive efficiencies for businesses.

“I’m making it my mission to continue to develop and launch innovative solutions that will smooth the transition to EVs for businesses of all shapes and sizes up and down the country.”

Alan King, group president of Fleetcor’s global fleet, said: “Allstar has been prioritising EV charging solutions for several years and is already serving a large number of customers across the country with combined fuel card and EV charging products.

“Tom’s promotion to a global role demonstrates Fleetcor’s commitment to expanding its EV footprint and rolling out market-leading products and services that will help fleets not only manage the transition to EV but also support the complexities of operating mixed EV and ICE fleets in the future.

“We also have a key role to play in supporting CPOs as they expand the critical on-road charging network so that they can attract as much charging volume as possible.”