First Hydrogen Van_Comp_1

Fuel cell vehicle designer First Hydrogen said its first two demonstrator vehicles will begin testing in June.

The company has sourced two demonstrator vehicles from MAN and they are currently located at partner AVL Powertrain UK’s premises.

It said one of the fuel-cell EVs has been stripped down and used for detailed design and packaging assessments to accommodate Ballard’s hydrogen fuel cell, the balance of plant systems, and the hydrogen fuel tanks.

The second vehicle is for the control systems analysis and integration.

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First Hydrogen said track testing should commence in the summer with final delivery for road use a few months later.

Steve Gill, chief executive of First Hydrogen’s automotive division, said: “We are very pleased with the progress for the delivery of our two demonstrator vehicles, working with our partners AVL and Ballard.

“We are substantially on track to showcase our road-going vehicles with customers in September 2022, as originally planned.”