First Hydrogen

First Hydrogen, which is planning to launch a zero-emission, long-range hydrogen powered van this year, has launched First Hydrogen Energy, which will produce and distribute green hydrogen.

The group is also planning to develop “several” 25 megawatt (MW) sites in the UK to provide green hydrogen to its customers.

The newly launched First Hydrogen Energy is currently reviewing and processing new green hydrogen production projects in the UK, Italy and Canada, where discussions with local partners are “ongoing”, the group said this week.

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The group added: “First Hydrogen is also engaged in discussions with industrial partners for the supply of technology and plant management.

“First Hydrogen has specifically identified the UK, Italy, Germany and Canada for the development and construction of several 25 MW sites in each country to provide our potential future automotive customers with a guaranteed supply of green hydrogen over the lifetime of their vehicle ownership at a fixed price.

Nicholas Wrigley, chairman of First Hydrogen UK, said: “Hydrogen production and procurement is a First Hydrogen strategy that is both timely and important in today’s environment of worldwide energy needs as we transition away from traditional hydrocarbons to the zero-carbon economy.”