First Hydrogen (1)

First Hydrogen has identified four industrial sites in the UK where it plans to build its first tranche of hydrogen refuelling stations.

The sites are located in the Greater Liverpool, Greater Manchester, London and Thames Estuary areas, in prime industrial areas and will serve light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The production facilities will be available to customers of First Hydrogen’s Automotive division.

The four sites are expected to qualify for UK government financial support, for both the development and construction phases, as part of a government strategy to secure 10 GW of domestic hydrogen production ambition, of which 5 GW will be green hydrogen – an ambition recently announced in the government’s UK Energy Security Strategy.

The production facilities will serve customers of First Hydrogen’s Automotive division.

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News of the four stations comes as First Hydrogen prepares to roll out demonstrator tests on its green hydrogen van in June, with final delivery of the van for road use set for September this year.

Nicholas Wrigley, First Hydrogen Group chairman, said: “It is becoming increasingly clear that customers of hydrogen light commercial vehicles will also need to ensure a reliable supply of green hydrogen for their businesses.

“We have made significant progress in identifying and securing the first four sites which First Hydrogen will be using for both hydrogen production and distribution, and which we would expect will form part of the government’s overall hydrogen strategy.”