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First Hydrogen is collaborating with the UK Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium (UK AHFC) to help roll out its fuel cell vans to interested operators.

The energy and automotive brand also announced that its hydrogen-powered LCVs are on course for potential customer real-world usage trials early next year.

Managed by Element Energy, the AHFC is a partnership between leading hydrogen industry and mobility companies and it works with UK fleet operators to accelerate take-up of low emission vehicles and refuelling infrastructure.

First Hydrogen said so far, 10 operators have expressed interest in trialling its MAN eTGE vehicles with FCE1 fuel cell propulsion and experiencing the range and benefits the technology offers.

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It said the businesses work in sectors including telecoms, express delivery, utilities and retail.

Steve Gill, First Hydrogen chief executive, said: “Our proposal has received quite a response. We are excited to work with Element Energy and to bring our technology directly to fleet companies, demonstrating the benefits of fuel cell powered light commercial vehicles.

“It is a great opportunity for us to generate customer interest in our vehicles and gain first-hand customer and driver feedback to contribute to our bespoke vehicle development program.”

Element Energy’s principal consultant William Darby said: “After hearing about the First Hydrogen van product, we knew this would spark a lot of interest from our van operator group.

“We are looking forward to working with First Hydrogen to ensure the trial meets the needs of each operator, whilst also providing First Hydrogen with the information and support it needs to continue developing the product.”