Volta Truck Drinks Cubed

Volta Trucks, the Anglo-Swedish electric vehicle start up, has confirmed that its first customer of the full-electric Volta Zero is Drinks Cubed.

The London-based sustainable drinks brand has signed a multi-million deal for the supply of a fleet of the large electric CVs up to 2023.

The Zero uses biodegradable lightweight flax and resin composite body panels and can carry 8,600kgs in a load volume of 37.7 cubic metres, accommodating up to 16 500kg Euro pallets.

Sukhi Sindhu, co-founder of Drinks Cubed, said: “Volta Trucks has taken a holistic approach to sustainability, looking further than just tailpipe emissions and into sustainable methods of manufacturing and components.

“With Volta Trucks, we have found a brand with shared sustainability values.”

The Zero is designed to run for 95 to 125 miles on a single charge with 160 to 200kWh of battery capacity.