Andrew Wolrich

Hargreaves Logistics former MD Andrew Wolrich is to work with Ian Elliott, head of Hargreaves’ subsidiary Halcyon Tankers, as a consultant.

Wolrich, who launched consultancy business WCL after leaving Hargreaves Logistics last month, will help Elliott develop the business that was launched in July last year.

Wolrich said: “We started Halcyon Tankers in July 2017 and it has gone from nothing to running 26 tankers and an annual turnover of £3m.”

Elliott is the former MD of Imperial Tankers, which Hargreaves sold to Suttons Group in 2014.

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“After Hargreaves sold Imperial Tankers, Ian got a lot of calls asking if he would come back into the tanker business. We decided there was an appetite out there and so, once we were out of the non-compete period, we decided to launch Halcyon Tankers,” he said.

Wolrich said he is also working for other clients including one requiring research on driver fatigue. He added that via WCL he aimed to help company’s better manage their resources, time and skills.

“Often managers are time-poor. They are good at what they do but, as there is only one of them, they cannot leverage that ability through to the next level of management and that is where WCL can help,” he said.