Scoobic and Bridgestone

Tyre firm Bridgestone, its subsidiary Webfleet Solutions and EV manufacturer Scoobic Urban Mobility have struck a deal to help customers decarbonise their business.

All new Scoobic vehicles will come equipped with Webfleet’s fleet management technology and will also be fitted with Bridgestone tyres.

Bridgestone’s retail network of service locations will maintain Scoobic’s electric fleet and will replace tyres where necessary.

Daniel Giroud, Bridgestone CSO, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Scoobic to help achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. The partnership underpins our commitments to provide an end-to-end suite of integrated services to enable safe and sustainable mobility, through supporting the electrification of fleets in the distribution sector and to reduce polluting gas emissions in cities.”

Scoobic chief executive Jose Maria Gomez said the partnership had many advantages for its customers: “It provides them the opportunity to improve workforce efficiency by up to 30% while also decarbonising their business and reducing their environmental footprint in cities,” he said.