Mat Jobson & Stuart McKie (3)[32738]

Europa Road has appointed regional managers Mat Jobson and Stuart McKie to lead its newly launched dedicated customer service teams based within local branches.

The two new recruits will oversee 11 dedicated customer service teams, made up of 120 staff, who are based in local sales branches.

Their brief is to focus on customer relations activities across the branch network. They will report directly to Adrian Redmile, Europa branch and sales director, who oversees the strategic growth and performance of the Europa Road division at board level.

The restructuring is in response to Europa Road seeing a continued increase in consignments post-Brexit. The newly launched teams will offer enhanced support to the growing portfolio of clients in the regions and help bring on new clients.

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Redmile said: “For us, the business case is clear. We recognise that good customer service drives commercial growth, because it raises sales, boosts engagement, and creates loyalty. The Customer Service Branch creates a focussed and exceptional customer service approach to our existing customers today. That’s why we are boosted each branch with a specific and renewed focus on customer care.

“Our bigger and more established branches will enhance their customer service teams in the first phase of the roll-out, with other branches following suit thereafter. Each new Customer Service Team will work closely alongside the Sales Team in each location to provide a seamless service.

“The approach will really cement our commitment to delivering locally for our customers – through a flexible and streamlined service on their doorstep – which helps them maintain local supply chain resilience.”

Jobson (pictured left) added: “Our competitor analysis indicates that it is not just cost driving supplier choice, it is also the level of service received. That’s why we’re going the extra mile to ensure our internal structures are fully geared up to deliver the best possible approach.

“Stuart and I are delighted to have been given this fantastic opportunity to help shape the future of Europa Road, which continues to play its part in the plans for the Group to become bigger, bolder, and better.

“Going the extra mile for our clients is what really matters in today’s highly competitive marketplace, and we want our customers to grow with us as we work together to provide a personalised service that is second to none.”