EO Charging said it had filed a patent that would transform smart charging of EV fleets, by harnessing technology to enable AC chargers to be more widely used.

The company said its new ISO 15118-compliant EV chargers and software would “unlock the future integration of commercial EVs into the smart grid and leverage AI and machine learning” to provide a more secure and cost-effective charging solution.

Implementation of the ISO standard has predominantly been used by DC charge point operators, but EO Charging said its patent allowed smart AC charging on legacy fleet vehicles that are not compliant with 15118.

It said the new technology worked by permitting a two-way exchange of information between EV and AC charging units, taking away the need for third-party telematics providers and reducing the hassle of large-scale fleet electrification.

Charlie Jardine, EO Charging chief executive and founder, explained: “Plug&Charge has had a hugely positive impact in the public charging space, creating a seamless and efficient charging experience for drivers.

“However, it was exclusive to DC charging stations and therefore financially prohibitive for many users.

“We’re the first to introduce an integrated AC Plug&Charge charging solution for fleets.”

The company said pressure is growing on global electricity grids to meet charging demands and its patented technology can help ease this pressure, using smart grid communications to avoid peak grid consumption hours.

A live trial is scheduled with EO’s largest fleet customer in early 2022, for which EO has installed and manages more than 4,400 chargers in almost 70 depots, across seven countries in Europe.