Eddie Stobart has gone live with its Aggregate Industries contract, which the haulier won earlier this year from incumbent XPO Logistics.

Since securing the deal with Aggregate's Concrete Products division in June, Stobart has staffed a new traffic office for the contract and recruited drivers to work on it.

The five-year deal will see Stobart move finished concrete products from Aggregate Industries sold under the Bradstone, Charcon and Masterblock brands from 14 sites across the UK.

Earlier this year, Stobart told Motortransport.co.uk that part of its appeal to Aggregate was its multi-modal offering, which is said would help reduce the operation’s carbon footprint by moving some freight away from the roads.

The partnership also provides Aggregate Industries with real-time tracking of its products in-transit.

Eddie Stobart chief executive Alex Laffey said: “Behind the scenes representatives of every key function from both Eddie Stobart and Aggregate Industries have been working closely to provide a one-team approach, and allow both companies to hit the ground running to make the transition all the more seamless for the end customer.”