Animal by-product renderer JG Pears has slashed both costs and its carbon footprint since joining the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme.

Following advice given on improving the efficiency of its fleet, the Nottingham business has seen insurance premiums drop by £80,000, mpg improve by around 10% and carbon impact lowered by 8%.

The business works from three depots in Nottingham and Yorkshire and operates a fleet of 35 HGVs and 200 trailers with an average annual mileage per vehicle of 285,000km.

Following an assessment carried out by ECO Stars upon first joining the scheme, JG Pears was initially awarded a four-star rating out of a maximum five stars.

Group logistics manager Andrew Bostock (pictured) was delighted: “I joined the company the previous year and we had made some significant changes in the way we worked and so I was pleased to get a very respectable rating. It highlighted

JG Pears Andrew

there was still much that could be done to get the most out of the assets we had.”

He added that it was good to receive external recognition of the work already achieved, together with a realistic view of further steps to take.

Following the assessment a ‘roadmap’ was produced for the business that listed key actions to be considered.

ECO Stars encouraged the company to examine the most efficient vehicle was being used for the job.

As a result, 20 new aerodynamic trailers were purchased, as well as a shift towards Euro-6 models on the tractor fleet.

During 2014, the JG Pears fleet of Euro-5 vehicles returned an average of 8.4mpg. The fleet now operates at an average of 9.7mpg, largely due to the introduction of 16 Euro-6 trucks in 2015. A further four Euro-5 trucks are also shortly due for renewal with Euro-6 models.

Better use of telematics to manage performance was also instigated, which included the launch of a driver league table to motivate employees. This in turn enabled the business to enhance its driver training strategy.

One year after joining ECO Stars, JG Pears was re-assessed and was awarded a five-star rating for the work it had achieved.