DPD plans to trial a specially adapted 2.5-tonne electric van which it says will ‘revolutionise green logistics’

DPD has beaten its target of having 10% of its couriers emissions-free, achieving the ambitious goal five months ahead of schedule.

The parcel firm said more than 700 of its van fleet were now electric after initially aiming to run 500 EVs this year.

It described itself as “the biggest, greenest delivery fleet in the UK”, having delivered close to five million emissions-free parcels in 2020, saving over two million kilograms of CO2.

The firm estimated that, on its current zero emissions trajectory, it will deliver over 10 million parcels on its green fleet by the end of the year.

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Dwain McDonald, DPD chief executive said: “Despite everything that is going on, we’ve been really focused on getting EVs on the road and delivering for us this year.

“Yes, you need to be trialing new technology and looking at future concepts, but you have to start making a difference now, and that’s what we are doing.”

McDonald said parcel volumes were up 50% year on year, but he added: “There are still huge frustrations.

“We are investing and expanding our operation because of Covid-19 and the enormous demand from online retailers.

“But we would like even more of our new vehicles to be green EVs - we just can’t get our hands on enough of them at the moment.”