Commercial vehicles must not be overlooked in the race to blanket the country in public charge points for electric vehicles, urges Logistics UK.

The business group was responding to an announcement by the government that it was investing an additional £56m in order to install a further 2,400 charge points in the short term.

The DfT said the funding would help local authorities work with private business and charge point operators to drive the sustainable growth of local networks, and deliver charge point plans for their area.

Logistics UK’s senior policy manager, Denise Beedell, said the government’s own figures showed that there were 34,637 public EV charge points in the UK, despite a report pointing out that the government predicted the country needed at least 300,000 by 2030.

“While this funding – which will be used to expand the current local electric vehicle infrastructure pilot and deliver an additional 2,400 charge points to the 3,000 charge points already installed through the on-street residential charge point scheme – is a much-needed step forwards on the route to Net Zero, the charging requirements of the commercial vehicle sector must be factored into any developments,” she said.