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The Hazchem Network has urged the industry to avoid a late scramble to recruit dangerous goods safety advisers (DGSA) when new rules come into force in January.

Firms that transport, pack, fill, load or unload dangerous goods are required to appoint a DGSA, but the rules will change on 1 January meaning consignor-only companies must also now employ an adviser by law.

The Hazchem Network said this will typically affect office-only companies who were previously outside of the law’s scope.

Robert Symes, MD of The Hazchem Network and a DGSA, said: “This additional requirement to appoint a DGSA has been known for a while and there is not much time left to appoint an adviser if you don’t already have one.

“There is likely to be a late scramble for DGSAs so you need to get this sorted now to avoid giving yourself a problem.

“You can either appoint an external DGSA or you can train someone in-house. You need to pass exams to become qualified so in reality the most likely option for companies now is to appoint an external consultant.”

Symes recommended anyone concerned should watch a department for transport video that explains the changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wi36XFN_qU