Disc-Lock will be reinforcing its safety message when it spins down to the Freight in the City Spring Summit next month.

The Wrexham-based group provides vibration-proof fastening systems used in a variety of industries worldwide from trucks, trailers and buses to rail engineering and heavy equipment manufacturing.

The three main products produced by Disc-Lock include the Safety Wheel Nut, which is a free spinning, vibration and shock-proof wheel nut designed to eliminate the risk of wheel loss from commercial vehicles.

“They are a leading solution to prevent the loss of wheel nuts and wheel detachments used throughout the transport industry,” a spokesman said.

The other two main products are the Disc-Lock Locking Nut, which is a double hex, free spinning, vibration-proof lock nut and a Disc-Lock Washer, which is a heavy duty self-locking product to prevent loosening caused by shock or vibrations in high-stress applications.

“Safety matters, with every commercial fleet and transport manager looking to make their commercial vehicles safe on the road for today, tomorrow and for the future,” the spokesman added.