DHL Supply Chain has won a new multi-million pound contract with food manufacturer Hain Daniels, whose brands include Hartley’s, Robertson’s, Sun Pat and Gale’s.

The deal, which will run until 2017, will see DHL set up and manage a brand-new supply chain for Hain Daniel’s recently-acquired ambient product range.

Commencing immediately, DHL will manage all storage, handling, dispatch and customer deliveries from its multi-user distribution centre in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Alex Tompkins, head of UK supply chain at Hain Daniels, said: “Having operated a principally chilled supply chain for many years, our decision to outsource the operation for ambient meant the development of an entirely new supply chain.

"Delivering for customers is crucial to ensuring we remain competitive, so picking the right partner was important.”

David McDonald, vice-president of consumer, DHL Supply Chain, added that the contract would continue to “grow our footprint” in this sector, whilst supporting Hain Daniels’ strategic growth.