UK clean, cool technology firm Dearman will be taking its zero-emission engine to Germany this week as it looks to expand its European presence.

The Dearman engine runs on liquid nitrogen and can be used to produce zero-emission transport refrigeration units (TRUs) for trucks and vans.

It is on trial with UK supermarket Sainsbury's, with full commercial roll-out planned in the coming months.

Dearman will visit Germany with a truck equipped with a zero-emission TRU, visiting potential customers in Cologne, Neumünster, Herten, Hann, and Speyer.

The manufacturer said particulate emissions often exceed EU thresholds in at least 90 German towns.

Since 2008, a number of German cities have introduced low-emission zones to tackle particulate matter emissions, with proposals also brought forward to tackle nitrogen oxide emissions.

Dearman said Germany’s TRU fleet is expected to increase to 209,000 vehicles by 2025, remaining the largest in Europe.

If it converted entirely to liquid nitrogen over that period, Dearman claimed Germany would save 923 million litres of diesel per year in 2025 and 4.4 billion over the decade.

At the same time, nitrogen oxide emissions would fall by 9,500 tonnes and particulate matter emissions by 1,200 tonnes, it added.

Dearman deputy chief executive Michael Ayres said: “Our zero-emission transport refrigeration unit emits no nitrogen oxide or particulate matter, and our award-winning technology is therefore well placed to help German companies looking to cut their emissions.”