Darcica pallet wrap machine[51208]

Darcica Logistics has received funding from the OxLEP Business Investment Fund to reduce the amount of black plastic used on its pallets, which will help it cut emissions and reduce the time it takes to wrap pallets.

The Palletways member applied to OxLEP for funding for new pallet-wrapping equipment to enable the company to create a more environmentally friendly, efficient system and reduce its carbon impact.

Melanie Tattersall, Darcica director of sustainability and communications, said: “We offer sustainable logistic solutions for our customers – from plastic-free fulfilment to electric deliveries via our zero emissions fleet – but were still wrapping our pallets manually in black plastic wrap.

"Through the grant we’ve changed to a clear, eco-friendly shrink wrap which is applied using a powered pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine.

"It reduces product damage and wastage and it stretches the plastic up to four times more than manual wrapping and what is used is now fully recyclable. Altogether making goods more stable when being transported and delivered.

“The wrapping machine also makes the process more efficient reducing it from 5-10 minutes to manually wrap a single pallet to one minute automatically.

"Based on current pallet numbers, this will save us 1.5 hours of manual labour per day to use for developing the business and taking on more customers, other projects and work in the warehouse instead.”

The company said that in the future it also hopes to be able to use the same machine with alternative, more eco-friendly pallet wrap materials, such as biodegradable shrink wrap or paper pallet wrap, as these products become economically viable.

Helen Brind, growth hub manager at OxLEP added: "Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership is pleased to have supported such an amazing organisation operating within Oxfordshire. We hope the funds go someway to helping the business develop and grow.”