DAF Trucks has delivered the second largest market share its history.

Last year saw it register 37,580 trucks in a total European heavy-duty market of 230,400 vehicles, resulting in a share of 16.3% (2019: 16.2%).

In the same period, DAF Trucks’ market share of the European medium-duty truck market, which totalled 41,400 units, was 9.5% (2019: 9.7%).

Last year also saw DAF Trucks continue its heavy-duty market leadership in the Netherlands (31.8%), the UK (31.6%), Poland (23.7%), Hungary (27.9%) and Bulgaria (25.4%).

The Dutch truck manufacturer also gained 2020 market leadership in Portugal (21.8%).

DAF Trucks lays claim to the title of European leader in tractor units and the number one import brand in Germany and France, which are the two largest truck markets in Europe. Market share in the heavy-duty rigids segment increased to 11.5%.

Outside of Europe DAF Trucks sold 5,880 trucks in 2020 and introduced its Euro-6 range to Taiwan and its Euro-5 range to Brazil, the Middle East and Africa.

The manufacturer also delivered its 10,000th locally assembled truck in Taiwan, where DAF claims to be the heavy-duty market leader among European manufacturers, as well as in Israel and Belarus.

In 2020, DAF Trucks, which is a subsidiary of US company PACCAR, sold more than 2,000 PACCAR engines to manufacturers of coaches, buses and special vehicles worldwide.

DAF marketing and sales board director Richard Zink said: “In 2020, we sold a record number of DAF multisupport repair and maintenance contracts, realised a record PACCAR financial market share and delivered a record number of DAF used trucks to their new owners.

“Our aim is to further strengthen our leading position, and that is why we are working together with our dealers to strategically expand our network of over 1,100 professional dealers and service points.

“Last year, for example, our independent dealers opened a total of 45 new dealerships in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.”

DAF also said it is also continuing its investment in the latest technologies for battery and hybrid electric powertrains.

The manufacturer is field testing its CF Hybrid truck which uses battery technology for city driving and its diesel engine on regional routes.

DAF also recently announced production of the new CF Electric truck, which offers an extended single charge range of 200km and recently introducing the LF Electric with a range of 280km.

In 2020, the company produced more than 37,600 CF and XF trucks and almost 9,000 LF vehicles.

Harry Wolters, DAF Trucks president said: “European truck demand improved in the second half of the year along with the European economies.

“It is estimated that the 2021 European truck market will continue to recover and will be in the range of 250,000 - 280,000 trucks.

“We are ready for further growth by delivering our customers premium quality, exceptional fuel efficiency and superior driver comfort.”