DAF could fare better than other truck manufacturers in the event of a hard Brexit, according to MD Robin Easton.

Speaking at a press briefing in London, Easton stated his personal belief that Brexit is not in the best economic interests of the UK. He said he hoped the British government will do a sensible deal with the EU, with a transitional arrangement put in place of more than two years.

However, he added: “With our Leyland manufacturing plant there is an import duty of 4.5% on components we import but competitors would pay 10 to 20% on fully built up trucks that they import.

“The Leyland truck plant is, and always has been, a great asset for DAF in the UK and the only truck plant in Europe to produce the full range of vehicles. It’s a great marketing tool for our customers, dealers and suppliers and we continue to remind customers that DAFs are built in Britain."

Easton, who took over from Ray Ashworth nine months ago, said time will tell if the industry is able to shoulder the additional cost of early replacement and a drop in the value of Euro-5 vehicles as a result of the introduction of clean air zones.

“Once local municipalities converge on a single clean air standard then demand for Euro-6 vehicles will be robust”, he said.

He also believes fully electric and range extender commercial vehicles represent the future of the industry. “The entire industry is working hard to provide new suitable, proven, affordable products with a wide network of capable dealer support,” Easton added.