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FORS will use its Commercial Motor Show presence to reinforce the importance of operational efficiency, with new training routes to help fleets upskill their workforce.

Visitors to the free online trade show will hear from FORS on how membership to the voluntary accreditation scheme can increase fleet efficiency; leading to savings in fuel costs, better MPG rates, insurance reductions, and improved customer satisfaction.

A recent survey of FORS’ 5,000 members across the UK and Europe found operators have saved over £2.2m in insurance premiums since becoming members, benefiting from a 14% reduction in reported fleet CO2 output, and a 12% improvement in reported fleet MPG.

FORS director John Hix said: “Without a doubt these are very tough times for our industry. Operators are looking to ensure their businesses are as lean and efficient as possible. FORS can help, with a route to embedded best practice and tangible savings.”

FORS has adapted its training offering in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, moving many courses online, to further support members to maintain skills across their workforce.

Since April 2020, traditional classroom-based manager sessions have been amended to suit an online format. A new secure ‘virtual classroom’ platform is due to launch in early September, developed by FORS to enable delegates and trainer to see each other, and engage in a classroom-like environment.

And it is not just management training which has changed for FORS, the importance of regular driver training to maintain safety remains front of mind for the voluntary accreditation scheme.

Hix said: “With much of the UK’s workforce now working at home, the number of vulnerable road users has also increased.

“Lockdown and home working mean more pedestrians and cyclists using the road throughout the day, so we must encourage our driving workforce to ensure their road safety training remains a priority as road use changes for all.

“We urge drivers to refresh their FORS Pedestrian Safe eLearning training, to understand the specific dangers faced by pedestrians and learn how to protect them.”

“We look forward to discussing how FORS can help operators achieve greater safety and efficiency goals at the Commercial Motor Show, and as an added bonus are offering a 50% reduction in subscription fees for their first year, to those who sign up via our virtual stand."

The Commercial Motor Show 2020 is a brand-new, three-day virtual event combing an informative seminar programme with an interactive exhibition hall. Register now for your free ticket!