L Paul Clarke CX R Nigel Strevens Ford and Slater DAF resized

Paul Clarke, left, logistics fleet engineer manager at CEMEX with Nigel Strevens, joint MD of Ford & Slater.

CEMEX is rolling out 57 new DAF 8-wheeler tipper trucks featuring a mix of pedestrian safety awareness messages.

The DAF CF85s feature either Bulkrite or Wilcox insulated bodies. They will used to carry approximately 20 tonnes of aggregates for the production of concrete and in construction from around the UK.

For the first time the safety message on their sides includes images of three different groups of vulnerable pedestrians - school children, older people and mums with babies and toddlers.

In addition, there is the original image, that of a ‘generic’ pedestrian, from the launch of the awareness campaign in 2018.

CEMEX04JAN19pedestrian awareness sign

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“Our trucks are moving billboards and can help us save lives, in this case those of pedestrians. In total we have around 800 vehicles travelling approximately 39 million miles.

"It’s a great opportunity to use some of these vehicles to spread the message of ‘Don’t chance it’, that is, don’t step out in front of or close to a large goods vehicle,” said Dave Hart, supply chain director at CEMEX.

The trucks were supplied direct from the manufacturer and liveried by dealership Ford & Slater.