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BP and Europe’s largest utility Iberdrola are collaborating to provide large-scale production of green hydrogen to customers in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

The two companies are also looking at options to jointly serve electric vehicle owners in the UK, following an announcement it was investing up to €1bn (£835.8m) into deploying 11,000 fast-charge points across Spain and Portugal.

The plan includes installing and operating 5,000 fast charge points by 2025, and then up to 11,000 by 2030.

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Ignacio Galan (pictured), Iberdrola chairman, said: “The scale of this challenge requires alliances between companies such as Iberdrola and BP, which have the technology and knowledge necessary to help accelerate Europe’s industrial development and generate, at the same time, well-being and new opportunities for all through clean energy.”

BP announced earlier this week it had opened its first ultra-fast-charging facilities aimed at medium and heavy-duty electric trucks, in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.