B&Q is working with Microlise to improve its home delivery service by using telematics to anticipate and combat problems.

The DIY retailer has selected the telematics software for 185 home delivery vehicles, run by BRS, which will allow real time monitoring of loads out for delivery.

If any problems arise, or the load is delayed, B&Q hopes it will be able to spot and prevent them before the customer becomes aware that something is amiss.

B&Q store delivery network manager Chris Blogg said: “We are always striving to improve the experience for our customers. That is why we opted for Microlise which will enable us to make significant savings whilst improving the precision with which we can track our home delivery vehicles.

“Customers expect specific allotted times for deliveries and Microlise helps us to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

The retailer also expects to make savings on fuel as a result of the telematics’ driving performance levels.

Microlise chief executive Nadeem Raza said: “We predict that B&Q will make a return on investment in a short timeframe following the introduction of our Fleet Performance product.

“It will provide significant fuel savings for the company, but going further than that, it will also be a powerful tool in helping to deliver excellent customer service. Effective communication across the supply chain – including towards customers – is key to this.”