Amazon - Mercedes Benz Electric Van (01)

Amazon is to add more than 1,800 electric Mercedes-Benz vans to its European fleet with around 800 destined for the UK.

More than 1,200 of the electric vans will be the new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter - on order for the UK - with the Mercedes eVito making up the remainder.

In addition to the fleet deal, Mercedes-Benz has also signed up to The Climate Pledge – an Amazon instigated initiative where companies commit to be net zero carbon across their businesses by 2040 – a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement goal of 2050.

Amazon’s delivery service partners will use the new fleet of zero-emission vehicles to make deliveries to customers in Europe this year, cutting out a minimum of 185g/km of CO2 emitted by a combustion engine Sprinter van.

“We welcome the bold leadership demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz by signing up to The Climate Pledge and committing to ambitious action to address climate change,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and chief executive. “We need continued innovation and partnership from auto manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to decarbonise the transportation sector and tackle the climate crisis.”

As part of the green fleet investment, Amazon has also committed to powering its electric fleet with renewable engery. Its aim is to run on 100% renewable energy by 2025 with 91 projects currently in place across the world. These have the capacity to generate over 2,900 MW and produce more than 7.5 million MWh of energy annually.