Leicester freight transport business AM Widdowson & Son has gone into administration.

Insolvency practitioners at Leonard Curtis were appointed to the company on 6 July, shortly after it had undergone a change of name to Loglecdissol.

The company had been subject to a CVA since July last year that meant it had to pay creditors 36p in the pound in a payment schedule stretching to 2020.

The terms of the agreement included the supervisors immediately petitioning for its compulsory winding-up if Widdowson failed to pay two monthly contributions.

However, neither Leonard Curtis nor Widdowson was able to respond to enquiries as we went to press about the circumstances leading to its current administration.

It holds a licence authorising a total of 115 HGVs out of two Leicester depots.

Last month it was revealed that the haulier had been in Palletways membership for only a year before leaving.