Yusen Logistics has commenced operations of its new cross-dock facility in Northampton, which is expected to bolster its expansion plans over the next five years.

The distribution facility was built to handle the growth of its shared user delivery network and will provide a hub service for white goods customers and its pallet network for general goods.

Yusen said the new facility will strengthen its consolidated trunking service, which sees high value consumer electronics and domestic appliances, as well as sensitive FMCG products, being carried within a secure closed loop network involving more than 200 vehicles and 250 trailers.

Goods are collected from customers across the UK and delivered to Yusen’s Northampton site before being routed to regional final mile delivery depots.

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A Yusen spokeswoman told motortransport.co.uk that increased collaboration with customers has led to environmental benefits, including a reduction in the number of vehicles used in the UK: “Continued investment in the network from physical assets to technical innovation is planned in an attempt to reduce overall vehicle numbers through further efficiencies and consolidation opportunities whilst maintaining the high level of specialist customer expectation that is required,” she said.

“Yusen Logistics has embarked on a global initiative, Transform 2025, which will see the company double in size over the next five years.”