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Waste management firm CSG is warning operators not to unwittingly break the law by continuing to store and use red diesel after 1 April.

The company said businesses must ensure surplus rebated fuel is collected and disposed of correctly, to avoid heavy fines from next month.

Jen Cartmell, treatment director at CSG, said: “The government guidance is clear - anyone with surplus stock must ensure it is sold to a registered dealer, given to someone still allowed to use it, or appoint an approved waste oil company such as CSG to recover and dispose of the fuel.

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“In our experience, users will not only want to comply with the regulations but will also be keen to ensure any surplus red diesel needing to be removed from their premises is collected and disposed of to the highest safety and environmental standards.”

The new legislation aims to incentivise users to improve the energy efficiency of their vehicles or machinery, or invest in cleaner alternatives, by making most users pay the full rate of fuel duty.

Affected fuels include rebated red diesel, rebated hydrotreated vegetable oil and rebated biodiesel.

The RHA has urged the government to delay reforms to red diesel taxation by a year and said that not doing so would result in a £1.4bn hit to small hauliers and businesses.