Yodel vans in London

Yodel has thanked its new control centre and leadership team for a successful peak period, which saw its TrustPilot score increase despite higher parcel volumes and adverse weather.

The carrier saw parcel volumes grow 11% year-on-year in the four weeks before Christmas eve.

In the week before Christmas, it's volumes were up 28% on 2016.

Yodel CEO Mike Cooper assembled a new operational leadership team of retail industry veterans in 2017, the expertise of which he said "has helped to progress our wider business transformation".

The business also opened a Business Control Centre at its Hatfield HQ, where a team watches and analyses network data in real-time.

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This, Yodel said, enabled it to use the information quickly and effectively to anticipate network issues and take pre-emptive action against them, thus improving its reliability over the festive period. Its TrustPilot rating rose from 5.3 to 6.5 between November and December.

Cooper said: "We’re delighted to see the increase in our TrustPilot rating over the Black Friday to Christmas period. Despite the snow and ice, and atypical shape of volume, which led to an unusually high number of parcels in the final week before Christmas, we were proud to successfully deliver millions of our clients’ promises.

"As we continue our drive to improve service and customer experience, we are encouraged with how we performed over our busiest time of year, and enter 2018 with a renewed emphasis on driving improvements to the service we offer clients and to their customers."

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