Ellie Lynch, XPO Logistics graduate, has been supporting a major project to build the capacity of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and passenger service vehicle (PSV) driver training

An XPO Logistics graduate has spent the last six months in Uganda helping to build up a driver training programme, as demand for qualified commercial drivers grows.

Ellie Lynch worked as a project officer with charity Transaid to engage with private sector transport companies and recruit them into the Road Safety Programme at the Safe Way Right Way Uganda centre.

As well as supporting recruitment, her role in Kampala also included examining driver training activities and tracking data trends relating to safe driver behaviour – both before and after the training.

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Lynch said: “The main aim is to prove that the training Transaid has helped to develop improves road safety and actually saves lives. This helps to ensure greater take-up from local fleets and will support us in introducing the programme to other African countries where we can have an incredible impact.”

Mark Simmons, XPO Logistics HR Director, UK and Ireland, says: “Safety is one of our core values as a business. We believe that all our employees have a role to play to make sure that everyone – in our operations and beyond – is safe. We’re really proud to have our graduates take part in this programme and share this important value all the way to Kampala.”

Transaid chief executive Caroline Barber thanked XPO for its support in offering graduates an opportunity to be seconded onto its road safety projects in sub-Saharan Africa and added: “These graduate schemes help people share valuable experiences and knowledge, and means they return to the UK having learnt many new skills.”