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XPO Logistics has renewed its long-term UK partnership with Outokumpu to almost two decades.

Under the newly extended deal XPO is responsible for transporting stainless steel products from the manufacturer’s plant in Sheffield to its UK construction customers.

XPO has also invested in new, fuel-efficient trucks and trailers fitted in Outokumpu livery, and developed a digitised system which gives Outokumpu’s customers digital communications from dispatch through delivery, including a next stop alerts.

XPO is deploying new 26-tonne rigid trucks for Outokumpu from this month, which include two bespoke stainless steel coil carriers and Isotrak telematics to monitor driver performance.

The new trailers are designed to reduce overall weght. Each trailer can transport up to three tonnes more per load, reducing the number of journeys.

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Ian Holdsworth, Outokumpu vice president of West Europe and MEA, said: “Outokumpu is the leading producer of sustainable stainless steel globally, and we have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry – less than 30% of the global industry average.

“We are delighted that our continued strategic partnership with XPO allows us to improve the environmental impact of our UK transport even further.

“We look forward to collaborating with XPO on optimising customer service and ensuring that Outokumpu remains the customer's first choice in sustainable stainless steel.”

Dan Myers, XPO MD of transport for the UK and Ireland, said: “We thank Outokumpu for the trust they continue to place in XPO. The longstanding success of our relationship is a testament to the way the teams’ partner to deliver value over the long term.

“We’ve now digitised the Outokumpu customer experience with a dashboard that provides updates on transit conditions, ETAs and real-time electronic proof of delivery.”