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XPO and its strategic partner Schneider Electric have deployed a road-rail-ferry freight solution between France and the UK to drive down carbon emissions by almost half.

The bespoke solution involves moving parts and components on round-trip runs between Schneider’s warehouse in Mions, France and its Telford production plant.

Containers of freight are first moved by road from Mions to the rail terminal in Venissieux, where they then move through the Eurotunnel or terminate at Dourges, where they cross the Channel by ferry.

XPO’s HGVs then complete the deliveries to Telford.

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Klaids Lafon de Ribeyrolles, vice president – indirect procurement for Schneider Electric, said: “XPO excels at developing alternative transport solutions that align with our goals.

“Their new France-to-UK solution has been delivering more efficiency with less environmental impact from day one of the implementation.”

XPO said that by utilising rail and ferry to cover more than 650km of the trip, it had created additional capacity for Schneider and would reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 46% per year, compared with all-road transport of 200 full truckloads.

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