PR Family Friendly Policies

XPO has “significantly” boosted the amount of paid paternity leave in the UK and Ireland, with colleagues receiving up to two weeks of full pay.

The policy applies to new parents, either by birth or through adoption. The company added that, despite paternity being the legally identified name for this type of leave, XPO will apply this benefit to all colleagues in any relationship, regardless of how they identify.

Announcing the move XPO said: “Enhancing this paid leave to include the full basic pay ensures the family can enjoy more quality time with a new child without the worry that taking unpaid leave could create on personal finances.”

The company added that this is one of a range of policies being brought in as part of XPO’s commitment to providing care to colleagues across the company in the UK and Ireland during some of the most stressful times in their lives.

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Lynn Brown, XPO Logistics vice president of human resources, UK and Ireland, said: “Enhancing the amount of paid paternity leave is something we want to do at XPO to support our colleagues without them having to worry about work or the financial impact.

“This is the latest in a range of family-friendly policies we have implemented, and we are just at the beginning of our plans to support our colleagues in all areas of their lives. Each of these measures is an investment in the most vital part of our business – the people who work here.”

Other policies the company offers to all colleagues in the UK and Ireland include paid leave for fertility treatments, dealing with miscarriages or stillbirths and providing access to free sanitary products.